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ABC Amber Conversion and Merging Software

Date of publication: 2019-12-08 00:43:53
Дата модификации: 2019-12-08 00:43:53
Views: 1148
Frequently Asked Questions
Here are the most commonly asked questions about ABC Amber utilities. If you don't find the answer here, contact technical support.
Every time I do a conversion, it puts your logo on the output. Does this happen only with the trial version or will it happen with the registered version as well?
The registered version removes all our banners, labels and ads.
I am interested in registering and purching ABC Amber Access Converter but reluctant to send credit card information via email or over the internet. Can I purchase and register the software via any other method?
Yes, there are offline methods of payment (fax, phone, etc.)
I recently had to reinstall Windows 2000 and all the programs on my computer, including ABC Amber Text Converter. Although this is a paid-for version it is showing an "Unregistered trial version" message. What have I done wrong?
Open and install the important key file attached to a registration email.
The reg key that was sent which program do I use to open the file?
Select regedit.exe program (Windows Registry Editor).
I have just purchased Amber PDF Converter as a single user licence. I will be updating my computer system in the next few months. Am I entitled to install the program on my current and future machine, or is the licence only applicable for one computer?
The licence is applicable for one user. After you update your system, install the full version and the reg key again.
When doing a batch conversion from multiple directories, will the files go back to the original directory, or will all the files be stored into one directory?
It depends on the option you selected (Tools - Options - Advanced - choose output folder).
I just update my CHM Converter v1.14 to v1.19 and my registration key no longer works. Does my key need to be updated in order to update to v1.19?
Don't use the public link (it's always a demo version), use only the link for registered users (see a registration email).
I personally don't like the apps style, can it be set to use the default Windows dialog style?
Please select View - unselect Skin menu item and restart the program.
I have converted the PDF document to a WPS and Word DOC using your PDF Converter and have been able to edit and modify the document, but when I print it - it does not look like the original document because of formatting.
At the current time ABC Amber PDF Converter extracts text from PDFs without formatting. If you'd like to extract PDF content as images, take a look at another our product - ABC Amber PDF2Image Converter.
Is there any way that it can convert to html without all the styles being generated? (ABC Amber Text Converter)
Yes, just uncheck "export CSS" option (Tools - Options - General - HTML export).
What is the difference between ABC Amber Text Converter and ABC Amber Text Merger?
ABC Amber Text Converter converts a document into a document of another format. Also it supports batch conversion. ABC Amber Text Merger lets you combine multiple documents into a single document of any format.
Just ordered your product. Received e-mail, but with the following message: "OE removed access to the following unsafe attachments in your mail".
Never come across this before, how do I get my "key" please?
If your email client is MS Outlook Express and it blocks the reg key, here is what you need to do:
1. From the Outlook Express menu, click Tools, then Options.
2. On the Security Tab, Uncheck the box that says, "Do not allow unsafe attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus."
3. Click OK.
Your program keeps telling me that I haven't "installed MS Office converters yet". Which converter do I need to download and install?
For your convenience we have compiled special packs for each converter. As a registered user, you may request them.
Text cannot be extracted from PDF files that do not have embedded fonts (File - Document Properties - Fonts).
Q: Is there a way to convert PDF to Txt without each page number and all the headers and footers?
A: Yes, unselect "generate contents", "include PDF info", "extract pictures", "extract info about bookmarks", "page numbering", "use separator" options (Tools - Options - General)
Q: Numerous words have a space between their first and second letters. Are there settings that will correct this problem?
A: Select "advanced extraction" option (Tools - Options - General), open your PDF file and then convert it (since v2.09).
Tip #1: to convert pdf to xml, set "algorithm of extraction" option to old (Tools - Options - Misc).
Tip #2: if you don't need pictures, unselect "extract pictures" option. This will increase the speed of conversion.
Screen Shot
Download Demo Version
To download free 30-day demo version, click here (if you are a registered user, please don't use this link. Use only the link for registered users - see a registration email).
With the demo version of the program, you may test it free of charge for 30 days. If you want to continue to use it after the 30 days, you must register the program. The demo version lets you export only 5 first pages from PDF file. After purchasing the program we'll send you the fully functional and LATEST version (v4.07) with no restrictions.
How To Order
You can order ABC Amber PDF Converter over the Internet from RegNow, SWREG or Emetrix. The ordering page is on a secure server, ensuring that your confidential information remains confidential. If you have any problems, please don't hesitate to contact us (and add processtext.com domain name to your whitelist).
License for Full Version
License for one user.
Price: US $12.95
Order page: SWREG or RegNow or Emetrix
License for 2 or 3 users.
Price: US $19.95
Order page: SWREG
License for unlimited number of users under the same company.
Price: US $39.95
Order page: SWREG
What our customers are saying:
"Thanks for the program. You've saved me many, many hours of figuring out how to do this myself, and I'm happy to have paid for it."
"I have to say your software is great, easy to use, priced real great!"
"You guys did a good job! I'll be back for more software."
"I was instantly impressed with the trial. Thanks for a great tool."
"This product is so far and away better than any other tried - thank you for giving me days of my life back!"
"Thanks for your product. It's a mighty handy thing!"
"I have research and demo'ed several different PDF converters and I find that your converter allows a wider range of options than those."
"It did exactly what I wanted."
"I am very impressed both with the product and your willingness to address issues we found. I would gladly pay 3 times your asking price for this program.."
"Valuable programme for blind computer users who cannot read PDF files with their screen reading systems."
"I'm extremely impressed. Easy to use, very intuitive and works well, especially at the price for what it does. Excellent software and as it exports to Palm. Now that really is very useful... Worth every penny."
"Thank you for selling such a nice program. Sean and I are blind and have trouble reading pdf files with our screenreader. Your program converts the files into text or HTML that we can access easily. There are thousands of blind people using computers, and most of them have the same problem with pdf files. I'm going to write to several of our mailing lists about your products and hope that will bring you some customers. You deserve it."
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Article description: Here are the most commonly asked questions about ABC Amber utilities. If you don't find the answer here, contact technical support.

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