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    The Soviet Union left us a great legacy of ruins and debris, we are studying this heritage. 

    Our site is designed for:
    Lovers : take a walk through the ruins, ruins, abandoned and dilapidated structures and other interesting places and weather  Locations Astrakhan
    Lovers : for to survive in extreme conditions, be ready for anything  Survival
    Lovers : Soviet culture Soviet devices, crafts, radio and military equipment  Soyuz-maniac Large collection of Russian films. total 4189
    Ecology Astrakhan region is also an interesting topic for us  Astrakhan-Ecology

    And of course this site is primarily a blog and unifying link group "RUINY"
    Home Page Group " Ruiny "
    Objectives: the formation of the cultural society, capable of surviving in times of BP and our apocalypse light of post-nuclear future.
    Members of the group are prepared in every way, trained, trained, and do not forget to visit the ruins and organize outings.
    Our work, creativity, articles, stories, crafts

    place of communication between people who are fond of extreme tourism, abandoned places, closed entities, reports of these campaigns places, photographs, maps, descriptions and pictures of abandoned facilities

    Our hobbies:
    Survival, photo, history, parkour, the Soviet Union, and Fallout postap radios and other crafts

    for data communication:
    ICQ UIN: 257799966
    Заказ электронных компонентов

    Новые альбомы:

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